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Friday 1 April 2011

Plan C!

Looking down on Martigny - Early morning cloud

New Helmet team!

Point release avalanche

Days in the mountains rarely go exactly to plan and I am always telling my clients to not have there plans set in stone. Today was one of those days, Laura and I got up early and headed into Switzerland and Bourg St Bernard. The plan was to catch a bubble car up to the Col Nord de Menouse then ski down to the Plan de Tcholeire before skinning up to the Col de Barasson and then back to the car. We were a little late leaving, but not to matter we would still be there for 9am and the first lift. The only problem was that when we got there the lift was not running (and did not look like it had done in sometime) even though the website says it is running till 16th April 2011! Plan B skin up the route to the Hospice du St Grand Bernard before cutting off up to the col de barasson. Unfortunatly by the time we had broken off the beaten track to the hospice the snow was getting a little too soft. Plan C, skin as far as possible before the snow becomes too unpleasant and then ski home!

Plan C was not a bad option at all and we had a good day, blowing off the cobwebs and getting in some good turns. Lots of fresh avalanche debris around now as the weather has gone very spring like. The touring is still good with firm spring snow on most aspects, however by midday you want to be back at the car or hut so some early starts are needed.

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