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Monday, 29 April 2013

SPA Training

Last week I was directing an SPA Training at Glenmore Lodge. It is great running these courses at Glenmore Lodge as they now allow 3 days for the training rather then the 2 that they used to be, 3 days just allows more time to practice and cover the syllabus.
I was working with Andy Townsend and we spent time at Cummingston, Kingussie and Huntlys Cave as well as a wall session at Glenmore Lodge. Over the 3 days we looked at at Personal Climbing skills, rigging bottom and top ropes, group abseils, running climbing wall sessions and dealing with common problems at the crag.
A great 3 days with only a few showers and a good bunch of students who I wish all the best in preparing for there assessments in the future.

Rigging and dealing with problems at Huntlys Cave

The fixed nut in The Slot longer fixed!


I have been slack at updating the blog over the last month as I have been busy and away in Europe for a while. Since my last blog I have worked on a Learn to Lead week and Winter ML Assessment at Glenmore Lodge. It was then time for some holidays with a weeks skiing, a week in Fontainbleau and then a week in North Wales for some rock climbing and staff training.
Top of pitch 2 in Ficaill Couloir

Top of the 3rd pitch on Ficaill Couloir

Below the ice bulge in Central Left

Busy digging snow holes

Enjoying a ski tour with Chris

Looking down on a James Bond style dam!

Lovely blue sky

Abseiling in at Gogarth