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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A return to Summer

It has been a while since I posted mainly because I have been traveling back home and generally doing one wants to hear about that!

Laura and I had one more day skiing since our trip to St Grand Bernard unfortunately my foot swelled up and it looked like I may have given myself a stress fracture, however with 7 easy days and a few drugs it seems to have gone back to normal, fingers crossed.

This is a good thing as well as I am back to work on Friday with a D of E trip and then straight up to Glen Coe to work on a Summer ML. Summer has started in the Highlands and I often find this one of the best parts of the year as the mountains are quiet, the midges are not out yet and it is often dry. I have a bit of availability in June and July, so if you are interested in some instruction or guiding please just drop me a line.

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