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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Powder to be found!

Laura and I are now out in the Alps after a great few days catching up with Family. We were a little concerned with all the reports we had been hearing about there being no snow and it is looking fairly lean for the end of March, however for a warm up day today we headed to Les Grand Montets and managed to find some good powder to ski before lunch on the Rochers Rouges off the top of the Bochard. After lunch things did get a little damp however it was a great first day. Laura can be seen above warming her legs up in the powder and enjoying skiing in her new helmet!!!!

It is rainning (so snowing up high) as I type this although looks like the temperatures are going to go very warm on Saturday. We are going to head over the boarder to Switzerland tomrrow for a warm up tour before meeting up with some Friends on Saturday. Fingers crossed the temps drop a little after the weekend.

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