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Friday, 25 January 2013

Advanced Winter Skills

Challenging navigation conditions

Stunning weather in the Cairngorms

Climbers in Corie an Lochain

Sneachda on Thursday

Ice steps to near the pegging boulder
I was at Glenmore Lodge last week working on an Advanced Winter Skills week. During the week we had the full range of weather and snow conditions that gave us lots of opportunity to look at movement skills, navigation and avalanche awareness. Unfortunately the last day was so wild we did not make it onto the hill but spent it looking at ropework and emergency procedures in and around the Lodge.
At the weekend I was then again working at Glenmore Lodge on the M C of S University winter skills weekend. It was quite wild on Saturday but unfortunately on Sunday I did not make it to work as I came down with this sickness bug that has been going around. So much for some time off and a chance to get out and play this week!
I am back at Glenmore Lodge this coming week so fingers crossed for more wintery weather!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


A fairly bare Sneachda compared to before Christmas
Looking up Aladdins as Paul leads me up
The snow family on Saturday afternoon, who did not survive the thaw!
Paul abseiling off a section of Twin Ribs
Paul climbing a steeper section of Twin Ribs
Lowering past a knot at Huntly's Cave

I have spent the last 5 days with Paul. The original plan was to go winter climbing as Paul was keen to try some harder climbs so he could improve his alpine climbing. However the conditions did not allow this. We did though have a good 5 days looking at all sorts of climbing skills, including some steep ice techniques courtesy of a trip to the ice factor!
Fingers crossed for a return to colder weather and some snow as it is not looking that wintry in the Cairngorms at present.