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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring Touring

Laura skinning up

A stop to take pictures of the French Army!

On the way down

Yesterday was a wash out with rain up to 2700 for most of the day, so we had a lazy day watching DVD's. However today has been totaly different with a good freeze last night and a few mm of fresh snow above 2100m it was the perfect day for a quick tour. Matt, Chris, Laura and I caught the Les Contamines lifts to col just north west of the Aguille de Roselette, we then dropped off the south side and headed towards the Rochers des Enclaves. One option had been to ski up to the Col de la Fenetre but we did not fancy the East facing slope the otherside and they have now closed the Gorge Cable Car which would have meant a boring walk back to the van! So we headed out to the col between Rochers des Enclaves and Tete de la Cicle. The ridge from the Enclaves back down to the ski area did not look great, lots of rocks poking through so we just headed back the way we had come and cut down to the ski area before our original starting point.

The snow was in great condition taking ski weight but not boot and as we headed down around 11am it was nice and soft on the surface, awesome. There were a few other teams out including a big one (30 plus people) from the French Army who seemed to be practicing ropework things on the way up to and down form the Col de la Fenetre.

Off to Chamonix tomorrow for a day with Alison after we re-arranged the day from yesterday!

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