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Friday, 4 March 2011

Wednesday 2nd March - Armeringsjernfossen

Climbing with Mick and Jason again today. To build on the skills we learnt yesterday we went to do the 3 pitch WI 3 route Armeringsjernfossen which is near the Ozzimosis area. After parking the car on the road we then walked 10 mins back down it around a hairpin bend to the climb. We warmed up with a quick pitch of WI2 to the left of the route and then abseiled off a tree. We then climbed Armeringsjernfossen in 3 35m pitches to finish back on the road above and next to the cars, true road side ice.

The team then drove the car around to the base of the route and I abseiled back down it to find a dropped ice screw! With the day not over we headed to the Vemork Bridge area and climbed Tungtvann.

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