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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Following your Nose

Monty and I headed to the Lower Gorge today so see what was what and after about 10 mins of getting confused we put the guide book away and just climbed waht we though looked good! There are clearly some routes that the guide book mentions that have just not formed this year and a whole pile that are not in the guide book that are great. So my top tip would be find some ice and if you like the look of it have a bash! There are plenty of tress to ab off at the end of your pitch.

We had a great day climbing 5 pitches of great ice between WI 3 and WI 4 all great fun. It has beeen snowing all day here and the roads are very white! Having a day off tomorrow befor dropping Monty off at the airport and picking clients up. Looks like a nice forecast for next week and it is certainly nicer out here than in Scotland.

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