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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another Stunner!

With a good forecast for today we were keen to get up high, go for a journey and learn some new skills. With this in mind we headed out towards Lochain from the Cas car park. On the way we developed the navigation that we had been looking at over the last few days. On the west spur of Lochain we stopped to discuss some avalanche assessment and look at hasty pits.

After this we headed up to spot height 1083 before turning north and heading over Lurchers and down to the sugar bowl car park. All the time thinking about our navigation and avalanche assessment.

Conditions can only be described as brilliant in the Cairngorms today. The snow is hard and crisp and reports from the climbing teams are that the gullies are in great condition with gear being easy to find as the cracks are nice and clear.

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