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Monday 31 January 2011

Busy, Busy and Busy - Saturday

I was out today with Jen, Swatee and Harry for an introduction to winter skills. We headed into Sneachda along the side of the fiacaill looking at boot work, crampon work and ice axe work. The cloud was down at the start of the the day but lifted as we made it into the base of the corrie. Busy, busy, busy is the only was I can describe the climbs between Aladdin's and the Goat Track there were people on all the routes and at one stage I counted 15 people in Goat Track Gully! That said the Mess of Pottage and Fiacaill Buttress were quite!

Good hard conditions under foot and the climbing looked excellent as well. After a session on the flat ice we traversed around to underneath Windy Gap and did some ice axe arrests before heading back to the van.

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