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Monday 15 November 2010

Mountain Safety Weekend

Scotland at 4pm!

I spent the weekend at Glenmore Lodge working on the Mountaineering Coucil of Scotlands Student Safety Weekend. This is normally a great fun weekend with loads of students keen to get some top tips, as well as being a great chance to catch up with some other instructors I have not seen for a while and this year was not exception.

On Friday I a gave a talk about the qualifications structure and looked at some scrambling ropework skills in the morning and then in the afternoon took a group out navigating. On Sunday I was joined by a pair of students form the Aberdeens Larig Mountaineering Club (I was once a member!) and we spent the day in and around Glenmore Lodge looking at introductory rock climbing skills. During the course of the day we covered tying on, belaying, attaching ourselves to a belay, placing and removing gear, abseiling and movement coaching.

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