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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cairngorms Conditions

I have been stuck at home over the last few days with a stinking cold but thought I would report back on what conditions have been found in the Cairngorms so far this week.

Lots of routes have been done in the Northern Corries so far including Original Route, The Seam, Fingers Ridge, The Message, Savage Slit, Deep Throat etc. However the easier routes are mainly buried under unconsolidated powder at present and will need some good freeze thaw to bring them into condition.

The weather over the last few days has been good in the mountains but strong winds have now returned (100mph today) and it will start to move the already unstable snow around even more. There have been reports of a fair bit of avalanche activity already with a slide coming out from below Goat Track Gully and the Cas Head Wall releasing as well.

So there is plenty to go at in the Cairngorms but route choice is as ever critical.

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