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Friday, 12 November 2010

New Logo for the Van!

I have been in Inverness this morning getting my logo on the van! The weather has turned stormy again in the Mountains, however there has been a fair bit of snow put down. Conditions reports are suggesting that it is hard going in the lee areas as the snow is deep and that turf that has been covered by the snow is still not frozen, so pick your routes carefully if you are heading out this weekend.

I am off to Glenmore Lodge to work on the M C of S Student Safety Weekend. It is always a good weekend for catching up with other instructors and passing on some knowledge and skills to the Students of various Scottish University Mountaineering Clubs. Saturday will be spent in and around Glenmore Lodge and then on Sunday I will be out somewhere rock climbing (which could be a little chilly!).

I am hoping to get out next week to get my first winter route of the season done!

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  1. 'Sunday I will be out somewhere rock climbing'

    You're a brave man!