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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Winter ML Ropework and Lochain

Testing the strength of a bucket seat!
Coire an Lochain showing black buttresses:(

Stomper Belay

I was out yesterday working for Pete Hill on the Ropework day of a Winter ML Training, with the lack of snow around we had to give some thought to were we could go as there were a few teams out and about with the same idea as us! My team and I headed into the side wall of Coire an Lochain as there was a large build up here from the westerly winds. We spent the day looking at Bucket seats, horizontal axes, reinforced axes, bollards and stomper belays. Although the snow was damp it was actually quite strong and at the same time easy to dig in, a real bonus!

There were a few other teams out around the twin burns area but apart from that the coire was quiet, not surprising as the buttresses were black and there was not much snow in general. Teams from Sneachda reported even less snow with almost all the gully lines broken. Looks like it is going to get colder again over the weekend but not much snow is forecast.

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