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Thursday 7 July 2011

Busy on the Bike!

The last week has been a busy 7 days even though I have not been working! I was down in the Lake District over the weekend for a stag do and some great mountain biking on the Altura Trails in the Whinlatter Forrest. We did the trails a few times from the forestry commission car park and they were awesome! The trails are man made but with quite a few tree roots playing a role as well, it was bone dry which was nice as a mixture of slate and tree roots in the wet would have made it all rather challenging! There is also a good bike shop and cafe there so a great set up for a full days biking.

After a day recovering on Sunday (not from the biking!) it was back out on the bike again to do some final preparation for my TCL Assessment that was on Wednesday at Glenmore Lodge. I am pleased to say that I passed! We spent the day looking at leadership, navigation, bike skills, trail side repairs and emergency issues as we did a loop out towards Neathy Bridge from Glenmore and back again. A good day and it only rain heavily for the second half of the day!

It is now back to work with a day across scrambling on the west tomorrow and then back to Glenmore Lodge for a 5 day learn to lead course followed by a weekends navigation course. Fingers crossed it might stop raining!

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