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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Wet - Dry - Wet

Last weeks weather was timed to perfection, it was wet last weekend then dried up on Monday to Friday which was nice as I had 5 days climbing on a learn to lead course at Glenmore Lodge. We visited Cummingston, The Pass of Ballater, Kingussie, Redhythe and Duntelchaig whicg gave us a great tour of the single pitch crags around Glenmore Lodge. The on Friday night the weather turned and it was wet (very) over the weekend but that did not bother me too much as I was again at Glenmore Lodge but this time working on a Navigation  weekend. I had a team of 7 for an introduction to navigation, they had all done very little however by the end of the weekend went away being able to use the 3 D's for their navigation in the mountains. After a great 7 days at Glenmore Lodge it was home to help Laura pack the house up (we are moving on Friday) as well as pack my own kit up as I am heading to North Wales on Wednesday for some Scrambling work, hopefully some rock climbing with Monty and then some more navigation work before some holiday time with Laura! July is as ever a busy month.

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