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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rock Climbing in the Sun

I am at Glenmore Lodge this week running a 5 day Learn to Lead rock climbing course. On Monday it was damp to say the least around Aviemore so we headed towards the coast and spent the day in the dry and sun at Cummingston. We spent the day looking at climbing calls, rope work, abseiling and equalising anchors. Cummingston was busy with all those who had fled the rain inland!

Today with a drier forecast inland we headed to The Pass of Ballater were we looked at placing gear, building belays and self protecting an abseil. It was nice and dry all day although some of the cracks were still drying out from yesterdays rain. A good start to the course, tomorrow it is the students turn to get on the sharp end of the rope and it looks like it is going to stay dry.

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