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Friday, 24 September 2010

Mountain Biking at Abriachan

Monty and I headed out for a bike this morning after the heavy rains of the past 24 hours had ended (although there are still some fairly big pools around!). We decided to head for the trails just to the west of Inverness at Abriachan as neither of us had been before. There are 3 trails here 1 green, 1 blue and 1 red. We did the blue which was excellent, fast and flowing, well made and fairly dry and then we did the red! This was not so good, it is more natural than the other trails and at present is very wet and all the log sections are super slippery as they get no sun due to the fact that they are in the woods.

After a few bashes around this we headed down to the bike obstacle course. This has loads of drop offs, seesaws, logs, bumps etc although again they were slippery due to being rather damp at present. Anyway a great little spot for working on the skills and having a laugh!

Snow in the Cairngorms this morning, so fingers crossed not too long before the winter climbing arrives!

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