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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Leading at Ardheslaig

Great views out over the bay at Ardheslaig

Lucy leading the bottom section of Very Gneiss

John leading the top pitch of Encore

With the weather due to cheer up on the West coast during the morning John, Lucy and I headed over to Shieldaig on Thursday morning. It had been damp and windy over night but after a relaxed start and a coffee in the wee coffee shop in Shieldaig the sun started to come out and dry everything off. By 11am the crag at Ardheslaig was nice and dry so we headed there to build on the leading that Lucy and John had done the day before. Ardheslaig is a lovely little crag about 5mins form the road and around 35m high of solid gneiss with great friction, it has a range of routes from Diff to VS and some of the easier ones can be split into 2 pitches to create a great intro to multi pitch climbing.

Lucy and John between themlead 6 pitches with me along side to take photos and add a little help when needed. After this we had a short discussion on ropework for scrambling and how to take coils before heading around to Applecross and a lovely dinner at the pub there!

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