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Monday, 20 June 2011

Busy at Cummingston

Martin Teaching at the top of Cummingston

Kirstin leading under Martin's watchful eye
I was at Cummingston yesterday with Martin, Kirstin and John. Martin is preparing for his MIA assessment and had asked for some input on his teaching rock climbing. To help with this Kirstin and John had agreed to come along and act as mock clients for the day. We spent the day climbing routes looking at teaching points, session structures, the pace of the day, teaching lead climbing and generally enjoying the dry weather.

It was busy at Cummingston with a number of other pairs out and a big group from the Scouts doing all sort of things!

I now have a few days off before heading down to Loch Tay area to work for Fettes College for a few days. Will hopefully be out on my mountain bike and climbing, however I should be doing my tax return from last year!!!

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