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Thursday 7 October 2010

Highland Wildcat Biking

James on the way down the top section of the red run

On the way up the red!
On Monday James and I headed up to Golspie for some biking on the Wildcat Trails. I had never been up here before for biking but had heard great reviews of it so was keen to get stuck in! We did a few circuits of the red run there which was really good, but did not venture onto the black run, next time! The coffee shop by the town car park is also very good! Although the trails are free up here (as they are all over Scotland) there is a sign up asking for a £5 donation per car in the car park. We were happy to pay this as £2.50 per person for a days biking seemed like a good deal to me, however the pay and dispaly machine was broken so we could not pay! Never mind I will pay double next time I am up!

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