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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Avalanche Awearness Courses for MCofS

Having a look at the snow!

Great snow cover at The Nevis Range

I was working for the Mountaineering Council of Scotland at the weekend on Avalanche Awareness Courses along side Heather and Max. On Saturday the Gondola did not run as it was too windy, this lead to a very wet day walking up underneath the gondola. However we still found some layers in the snow and looked at Avalanche Avoidance. Sunday was a very different day with the gondola running we could get high and look at the snow pack above the freezing level. There was lots of wind slab around and all sorts of layers in the snow, a great day for teaching avalanche awareness.
I am back at Glenmore Lodge from Jan 6th for most of the season so will post about conditions in the Cairngorms.

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